“Not easily broken”….great definition dictionary.com **rolls eyes** After completing a Spartan Workout Tour event, bracelets are given out that say “Unbreakable” on them. At first I just wanted on because it’s Spartan gear. Over the past few weeks that I have been wearing it though, it serves of a constant reminder of how strong I … Continue reading Unbreakable.


The Powers That Be

**I am trying to keep all posts rather short...quick reads are the best reads** “Love everyone, I will take care of them later.” -God Driving the other day, I saw this on a church marque and it really stuck with me. This statement can be said about any faith, or heck, even about karma. There … Continue reading The Powers That Be

Solid Bases

The other day at work, I was sharing some of my past with a co-worker in casual conversation. Part-way through our chit-chat she paused and asked me, “How do you stay so positive and have this outlook? Is it just part of who you are or did you have to work to be this way?” … Continue reading Solid Bases

Oh hey…

I’m backkkkkkkkk…. makes me sound so creepy, or annoying…and seeing as I am DEFINITELY annoying, sorry not sorry. I took a long time off from this for a few reasons. Despite the goodness this provided for me and some others, some were having mixed emotions and my intention is never to harm 2017 was a … Continue reading Oh hey…